Exhibition Cargo

Exhibition freight handling demands a specific approach, and Escestial is delighted to have the necessary abilities and experience in this area. We provide a comprehensive variety of expert services in international show logistics. Our knowledge is distributed across our key locations and focuses on all elements of inbound and outgoing show freight requirements.


We offer comprehensive warehousing services to meet all of your requirements. Your products are received, stored, packed, tracked, and shipped by us. Our warehouse management system gives you complete control over the transportation and storage of materials in your warehouse and across your supply chain. Operations should be efficient and trouble-free.

Dangerous Goods

Transporting dangerous products is a difficult activity that necessitates a thorough grasp and knowledge of the applicable legislation. The company's focus is on providing the customer with a full range of risky products logistics services. As a result, Escestial provides a comprehensive range of services to assist and reassure our customers in all aspects of handling dangerous items.

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Escestial is a global freight forwarding firm with over ten years of
expertise in the freight and logistics industry, offering outstanding and
consistent customer service to its clients throughout the world.

Management & Reporting

For our clients at Escestialallied, we make the impossible possible. We
provide the solution to transportation and logistical difficulties while
maintaining a high level of service quality. We provide our clients with a
bespoke service tailored to their specific needs.

Freight Payment Options

We offer the most flexible and convenient payment options you can
imagine. Escestial Allied has an extensive reach of more than 99% of
districts in Nigeria.

Compliance Solutions

Managing supply chain operations efficiently and complying with the
ever-changing evolution of supply chain processes requires visibility
and transparency. At Escestialallied, we don’t only have access to data
and information, we are also able to apply it to a rapidly evolving

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

We cover west African countries.

It is determined by your shipping needs, distance, product size and
weight, insurance, and the current market pricing. Get a quote by
clicking the link.

The flexibility of Escestial Forwarding allows you to ship most commodities from a single pallet to a full truckload. Please refer to our website for details on the size and weight of each service. Please do not hesitate to contact our customer support staff if you have further questions.

The transit time is determined by the origin of the shipment. You will receive daily updates on the status of your shipment and will be notified once it lands.

Yes, we can pick up from anywhere in the world; we use our established relationships with our global network partners to pick up and deliver your shipment at a low rate.

This is dependent on the item and mode of transportation. For a complete list of required documents, please contact our customer support team.

Escestialallied transports dangerous goods in line with ADR requirements both at local and international levels. Please keep in mind that transportation schedules for dangerous goods must be planned separately, so please contact us so that we can promptly put together a plan that satisfies your demands.

Yes, you are welcome to pick up your package at our facility. Please notify us ahead of time so that we can prepare the package for pick-up.

Please call our office lines on +234 706 742 9625, +234 815 972 7214, +234 808 405 9084, or email us at baruwa@escestialallied.com.

We do not have preferred goods for shipment, as long as you need our services, we provide you with the easiest, quickest and safest means of shipping your goods.

If you need to change your move date within seven days, there may be a fee. we understand that things can change at the last minute, we will do our best to reschedule your move. However, please keep in mind that last-minute date changes make it difficult to fill in your originally scheduled date. We ask that date changes be made as far in advance as possible in order to avoid any fees or lost jobs!

Yes, you can get a doorstep delivery for your goods, depending on the contract agreement. Please contact our customer care for more info on this service.

FORM M is a contractual paperwork that all importers must fill out before bringing goods into Nigeria. The lifecycle of FORM M is 180 days (for general merchandise) and 365 days (for plants and machinery) during which an extension of 180 days (for general merchandise) and 365 days (for plants and machinery) can be issued on FORM M by the Designated Dealer. Any additional extension must be approved by The Central Bank of Nigeria.

FORM M is to be processed by the owner of the goods.

The e-Form M can be accessed from the Nigerian government’s Single
Window for Trade portal or from the importer’s Authorized Dealer Bank.
Please note that you will need the following to open an E-Form M:

  1. The company’s Nigerian certificate of incorporation/registration.
  2. Registration with the Federal Inland Revenue Services is required (FIRS).
  3. Payment of taxes on time and thereby obtaining a Tax Identification Number (TIN).
  4. Valid email address associated with your Tax ID Number.

A freight forwarding agent is a multi-functional agent/operator who, on behalf of the freight forwarder, stores and transports items from point to point. Their services are required since they have the necessary licenses and prior knowledge of the principles of freight transportation.

Although you may already have staff in your accounting department that keep track of your freight expenses, they are rarely logistics specialists, and even if they are, this process can be time-consuming without the right technology. Our platform has advanced reporting and analytics that have been shown to save a significant amount of time.

We can streamline operations and minimize manual entry and human error by integrating our system, your system, and your client/vendor systems.

Yes, we can not only provide the services of our reputable partners, but we can also assist you in managing your current transportation network. If it is convenient, we may offer to blend in alternative options.

If you host a trade show in any offshore or domestic location, Escestial will arrange the transportation of all trade show materials to the event, conduct all customs procedures, store merchandise if needed, and return the materials to your location at the end of the show. Costing for all functions can be provided upfront.

This is a big question, but we’ll try to answer it as simply as possible. As a shipper, you must consider several risks, but these can be mitigated by taking the following steps: Exercise caution when selecting a carrier (trust the experience of your forwarder or broker here as well); be a stickler for paperwork, paying special attention to bills of lading and waybills; and communicate clearly with everyone in the chain, including the broker, forwarder, shipping company, and recipient. Make sure you have adequate insurance coverage and understand who is responsible for losses and damage and to what extent.

If you ship frequently, we strongly advise you to register with us. This provides you with negotiated price savings as well as the option to pay by monthly invoice. Less frequent shippers can pay in cash or another acceptable method to both parties.

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