Exhibition Cargo Fast & Reliable

Exhibition freight handling demands a specific approach, and Escestial is delighted to have the necessary abilities and experience in this area. We provide a comprehensive variety of expert services in international show logistics. Our knowledge is distributed across our key locations and focuses on all elements of inbound and outgoing show freight requirements.

We have gone beyond borders to provide customized and extremely versatile freight and cargo handling methods. Cargo handling in exhibitions is yet another venture in our
portfolio since we handle all aspects of our clients’ inbound and outbound show freight requirements.


  1. It is far less expensive to deliver items for events and shows through a shipping business that provides such services.
  2.  With so many projects under their belt in the past and present, shipping enterprises frequently have the essential skills and experience with regard to event & exhibition cargo management.
  3. Logistic companies like Escestial have solid carrier-shipper relationships and skills in dealing with various customs and regulatory procedures, relieving the client of the stress of dealing with the same on his own.
  4. Clients are assured that their items will arrive safely and securely at their intended destination under the given conditions.

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