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Who We Are

Just like our tagline, we make things happen without running mouth! Escestial, founded by highly skilled and professional personnel, provide bespoke logistics services worldwide. Intermodal and logistics services, including air and sea freight forwarding, are at the heart of our business.

We oversee every stage of your product journey. We handle everything from initial production orders to quality testing, consolidation, shipments, and customs. We also track your sales and monitor progress to ensure you’re always within your budget. Signing up with Escestial allows you to focus on building your business with confidence.


Why Escestial Allied?

We could go on and on about our history and technology, two facets of our Escestial Allied in which we take great pride and which distinguish us from our competitors. Our team, on the other hand, is what truly distinguishes Escestial Allied from other logistics companies.

Our team is committed not just to expanding their knowledge of the transportation sector, but also to expanding their knowledge of YOUR industry, whatever that may be. Shipping is our specialty, which is why we invest in our employees’ professional development and equip them with the resources they need to make informed decisions about your company and supply chain.

Why Choose Us? This is why.

Management & Reporting

For our clients at Escestial Allied, we make the impossible possible. We provide the solution to transportation and logistical difficulties while maintaining a high level of service quality. We provide our clients with a bespoke service tailored to their specific needs.

A serious, transparent, and honest quality service that ensures the safe shipping of their goods. Escestialallied offers buyers and suppliers of large industrial items, heavy equipment, over-dimensional equipment, and modules by providing project forwarding services to industrial clients and EPCs.

Material management, multimodal freight forwarding, project supply chain management (4PL), pipeline construction logistics assistance, offshore maritime services, customs brokerage, logistics base management, and towing experience were accumulated over many years.

Each customer receives the same industry best practices, diligence, and problem-solving methodologies, resulting in the best possible solutions for all of your supply chain demands.

Freight Payment Options

We offer the most flexible and convenient payment options you can imagine. Escestial Allied has an extensive reach of more than 99% of districts in Nigeria. Unique to our service offering, each location may vary slightly in how we accept payment for a move but generally speaking, we accept:

Direct ‘Cash on Delivery’ facility, CIA ( Cash In advance), Drop-off and Pickup centers at central business districts, ‘Prepaid’ facility, Consolidation, Long Haul solutions, Retrieval Service

Our shipping payment, and tracking software allows you to ship more in less time, schedule a pick-up, track, reconcile payments, ensure visibility, automate and manage your entire shipping process, and reach out to over 16,000 communities across Nigeria, allowing your business to reach out to the most remote parts of the country.

So, whether you need a Business to Business (B2B), Business to Customer (B2C), or Customer to Customer (C2C) logistics partner, your search is over. Our services ensure that your customers will return to you.

Customer Satisfication Tools

Escestial is a global freight forwarding firm with over ten years of expertise in the freight and logistics industry, offering outstanding and consistent customer service to its clients throughout the world.

To ensure a seamless customer satisfaction for our clients, we provide inquiries about updates regarding service and measure the needs of service calls within the system. More Importantly, we generate and deliver notifications, such as weather alerts, changes in schedules, and more with campaign management tools to alert the respective personnel.

We empower our customers by providing information regarding the purchased products so that they can express and communicate better their expectations. Provide security of overall customer information and payment transactions and minimize fraud.

At Escestial Allied, we make it our sole responsibility to identify and predict customer interest to make every interaction smooth between the customer service provider and the customer showing efficiency with shorter response time by improving contact center visibility to the customer, meeting and interacting with clients and employees on mobile devices.

We continuously enhance policies and approaches through gathered customer feedback data and analyze and make reports for executing better business strategies. This has helped us ensure customer reliability and a consistent experience for clients by avoiding unnecessary costs and improving workforce development.

Compliance Solutions

Managing supply chain operations efficiently and complying with the ever-changing evolution of supply chain processes requires visibility and transparency. At Escestial Allied, we don’t only have access to data and information, we are also able to apply it to a rapidly evolving environment.

The ultimate goal of compliance in supply chain logistics management is overcoming freight risk. In this context, the risk is a failure to live up to all process requirements for executing a load. Without a robust governance structure within the systems of record, that’s an impractical goal. The complexity of the modern supply chain regarding transportation and the geographic distances involved makes it challenging to maintain logistics compliance.

We manage risks and ensure everyone stays on the same page between shippers, carriers, and customers. We ensure:

  1. Close collaboration with all parties: suppliers, distributors, vendors, drivers, brokers, freight forwarders, carriers, and customers.
  2. Careful monitoring of real-time statuses to avoid disruptions, protect services, and safeguard reputations.
  3. Compliance program development and onboarding improvesupply chain visibility and logistics optimization.
  4. Continual collaboration between team members and partners helps shippers and carriers coordinate faster and more easily.

We manage logistics compliance risks better with a dynamic transportation management workflow, which is why we’ve got you covered.