Our Services

Exhibition Cargo

Exhibition freight handling demands a specific approach, and Escestial is delighted to have the necessary abilities and experience in this area. We provide a comprehensive variety of expert services in international show logistics. Our knowledge is distributed across our key locations and focuses on all elements of inbound and outgoing show freight requirements.


We offer comprehensive warehousing services to meet all of your requirements. Your products are received, stored, packed, tracked, and shipped by us. Our warehouse management system gives you complete control over the transportation and storage of materials in your warehouse and across your supply chain. Operations should be efficient and trouble-free.

Dangerous Goods

Transporting dangerous products is a difficult activity that necessitates a thorough grasp and knowledge of the applicable legislation. The company's focus is on providing the customer with a full range of risky products logistics services. As a result, Escestial provides a comprehensive range of services to assist and reassure our customers in all aspects of handling dangerous items.

Project Cargo Services

Escestial has extensive expertise managing project goods, whether it is the relocation of a factory, the transportation of oversize cargo such as generators or huge earth-moving equipment, or an ongoing project including repeated transfers of various sizes.

Inland Transportation

For logistics to be efficient, a combination of transportation systems, known as intermodal transport, is frequently required. That is why we at Escestial have expanded our logistics services to include inland transportation. Our inland services, which include truck, rail, and vessel transportation, are designed to deliver your goods to their final destination in less time. More importantly, your items will remain in the same shipping container they were packed in at the origin.

Sea Freight Services

Flexible sea logistics solutions that combine technology and expertise to enable you to keep your promises to consumers. Would having more predictable lead times and a faster time-to-market help you better serve your customers?

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